Rest and Recovery

I think women often believe that they cannot rest. Its not like we want to think this but we have the world on our mind that it becomes impossible to sit down and take it easy every so often. This is something I have struggled with for a long time especially after having kids.

It is my season of rest and recovery. I made a choice to get an elective surgery done for my Pectus Excavatum and now I will no longer be able to help others. This sounds awful but its true. I physically cannot take on the world and its amazing. The only time in the world I get to myself is after a major surgery. This is a sad reality. Women need this more often. They need to be cared for and they need to rest and recover especially those who are mothers. Its a tough job; one that most men cannot relate to. Our bodies went through many tough changes and now we have little tiny humans to care for and no more sleep. I don’t know about you but this alone is enough to be considered torture. It’s true. So for all you ladies and mommas out there, its time to get a reality check and to see that rest and recovery is important in order to feel like a world changer. If we want to chase our dreams and conquer the world we must start by taking care of ourselves.


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